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Sam and Joe's Does Used Auto Pre-Purchase Inspections!
If you are considering buying a used car, one aspect of the purchase you should not overlook is the pre-purchase inspection (PPI). This one measure can significantly reduce the risk involved in purchasing a used automobile. The PPI can reveal any damage or faults in the vehicle that may be expensive to repair or replace in the future, as well as assess the overall safety of the vehicle. The cost of a pre-purchase inspection will depend upon how in-depth the inspection is. A basic PPI, primary visual inspection, can generally run from $100 to $300 however, more thorough inspections can cost more. Whatever the price, a prepurchase inspection is very likely to cost less than major repairs down the road. A vehicle purchase is an investment; the pre-purchase inspection is an excellent way to insure that investment.
• Regular Maintenance helps preserve the resale value of your vehicle.
• The buyer is responsible for the cost of prepurchase inspection.
• When buying a used car, be prepared to go through the necessary research.
• Only a certified mechanic or technician should conduct the inspection.
• Be extremely cautious when signing paper work.
• Always check car history reports.
Many Major Problems can be Prevented with a
Pre-Purchase Inspection such as:
• Unreported flood damage that leads to expensive repairs.
• Someone trying to sell a stolen vehicle.
• Overcharging for vehicle.
• A poorly maintained vehicle that is likely to cause problems.
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click here to request appointment Buying a car sight unseen carries a high risk, as the buyer has no opportunity to make his or her own assessment of the vehicle. In these cases, a pre-purchase inspection is a good way to safeguard your money. You've got questions and we've got the answers. Contact us today!
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